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"About Us"
E-Conception has been founded in April 2000. We proudly market High Quality Australian Natural Products mainly exporting to Japan from Australia. Our products ranges are from Essential oils, Vegetable oils, Hydrosols, Clay, Cosmetics materials, Skincare products, Aromatic Diffusers, original Flower Essence "FeelFree", Recyclable Menstrual Cotton Pads "Wemoon" and more.

Online shop in English has opened in 2013.

We welcome Australian suppliers interesting in Japanese market.

Profile of Founder and Director
Makiko Fukushima was born in 1964 in Tokyo and grew up in mountain area. Upon graduation of Ochanomizu University(B.A), she joined a marketing research company and later moved to a snack food manufacturing company in Tokyo. Her product "Kappa Ebisen Wasabi taste" was launched successfully, as a result of her devotion as a product manager. Even though her life in Japan was exciting and fruitiful, she felt something missing in her busy urban life and decided to move onto something new and relaxing.
In 1995 Makiko immigrated into Australia and started her own business, "E-Conception" on her kitchen table as her hobby, which ends up to be a serious successful business.
With her beloved Denish husband, Lars and twin daughters, she is enjoying her life surrounded by full of nature and friendly Aussies in QLD.

E-Conception Pty Ltd
ABN: 79 101 089 329

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